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ATLANTIK MQHD” Air Source Heat Pumps are sold under ATLANTIK GRUP Assurance

Atlantik Grup, which operates in the field of energy efficient systems with its strong and dynamic staff, without compromising company reliability and product quality, has included the MQHD model air source heat pump, which has produced under the ATLANTIK brand, into its product range. The use of air source heat pumps which has increased in recent years in individual applications such as villas, hotels, workplaces and residences; It offers the most suitable solution that can be preferred by the user for heating, cooling and domestic water. Heating is realized by means of fan-coil, underfloor heating or radiator. ATLANTIK branded MQHD series air source heat pump can be directly connected to underfloor heating and fan-coil devices. With low energy consumption instead of traditional gas fired boiler applications, MQHD air source heat pumps provide significant savings to businesses. MQHD series designed for individual usage and residences; It was developed to meet the comfort and high energy efficiency requirements of residential and commercial buildings.

Technical Specifications of MQHD Series Air Source Heat Pump:

  • A wide range of heating and cooling solutions with 9 different models in the 6,8-30 kW capacity range,
  • Superior performance even at low outdoor temperatures,
  • Hot water production up to +55 °C between (‐20 °C ) and (+48 °C) outdoor temperature range,
  • Inverter compressor,
  • Integrated circulation pump,
  • Intelligent supply  water temperature control,
  • 3-stage frost protection
  • Remote control

Atlantik Grup, which has been operating for 15 years with the slogan of “The Center of Efficient Systems”, also sells products with high energy efficiency such as water source heat pump, AAON rooftop, CENTURY absorption Grup, MITA cooling tower, THERMOCOLD multifunctional Grup, in addition to air source heat pumps. Detailed information about the companies and products distributed by Atlantik Grup can be found on the website www.atlantikgrup.com. You can reach Atlantik Grup on system selection, device request and any technical issues by calling 0216 553 95 70 or by sending an e-mail to satis@atlantikgrup.com.