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Atlantik Water Source Heat Pumps are used in İzmir Westpark Shopping Mall

ATLANTIK water source heat pumps are commonly used in the Westpark Outlet Shopping Center project, which is the biggest outlet shopping center in the Aegean Region, that implemented by Tankar Real Estate Investment Company with 240 million TL investment. The project also includes the first aquarium of the region, has 65000m2 rental area, nearly 170 stores, with an energy

efficient HVAC system. Water source heat pumps is preferred for air conditioning of rental areas. ATLANTİK GRUP, which is one of the pioneers of the sector in terms of water source heat pump, is also the primary choice of chain store groups, located in this shopping center.

ATLANTIK water source heat pump, which provides top level customer satisfaction and increases its market share continuously thanks to the quick services provided before and after sales. Units preferred more than 7000 pieces in more than 70 shopping mall projects.

Atlantik water source heat pump is especially preferred in office and shopping center projects thanks to the low energy consumption, low noise level, easy fault detection, compatibility with all BMS systems, ease of installation and maintenance.