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“ATLANTİK water source heat pumps continue to contribute industry with their renewed cabinet and new generation technical features”

ATLANTIK GRUP, which was established in 2005 and operates in the field of systems with high energy efficiency, continues to increase its power in the Turkish and international water source heat pump markets with its sustainable quality and service approach and the aim of high customer satisfaction.

EWH series heat pumps, which are among the top choices of retail stores in the shopping mall sector due to their low energy consumption, low noise level, easy fault detection, ease of installation, fast service and delivery from stock, have reached 10,000 references in more than 150 shopping malls and office projects in the past 10 years. reached.


EWH model water source heat pumps, produced under the ATLANTIK brand since 2020, continue to add value to the shopping mall and office projects where they are used, with 9 different models in the 2.5-45 kW capacity range, with their technological features developed through R&D studies.


The outstanding innovative features of the new generation ATLANTIK water source heat pumps are:

  • Acoustic package consisting of compressor jacket and refrigerant circuit silencer for office and shop applications where low noise level is required (EWH03-10)
  • Ability to operate at a maximum water inlet temperature of 50 °C in cooling and 40 °C in heating,
  • Large drain pan that reduces the risk of water spillage,
  • Double-stage frost protection system,
  • Service maintenance switch,
  • Optional UV sterilization kit,
  • 100% fresh air operation with optional Economizer modüle

In addition to these enriched technical features, it has been renewed with anthracite color in order to offer an aesthetic appearance in the places where it will be used.

The Atlantik Grup company, which has been operating for 16 years with the motto of “The Center of Efficient Systems”, has high quality systems such as ATLANTIK brand air source heat pump, AAON rooftop, CENTURY absorption Grup, MITA cooling tower and THERMOCOLD chillers which has simultaneous heating and cooling features.