Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems



(5-650 kW)

RQ, RN and RL Series
Air Cooled or Water Cooled Condenser
100% Fresh Air or Mix Air
Water Source Heat Pump (5- 250 Kw)

  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigeant charged
  • Digital controlled compresors for modulating capacity control
  • All panels are 50 mm double wall and cold bridge design
  • Suitable for VAV systems
  • Operating with %100 fresh air up to 52° C ambient temperature without taking return air
  • Hing efficiency fans meeting 800 Pa external static pressure
  • Compressors, controls and heating components are located in a single isolated compartment
  • Compressors are mounted on rubber type anti-vibration mounts
  • Direct drive condenser fans
  • G90 galvanized cabinet construction
  • Gray polyurethane paint resistant to 2000 hour salt sprey test

50 mm Thick Double Wall Panels Having Insulation Value Of R13 With No Thermal Break

  • Energy saving up 21%
  • Effective thermal insulation
  • İmporoved air leakege
  • Beter rigidity
  • Maintainability
  • Longer equipment lifetime

In variable speed fan (VAV) operastion, fan motor power consumption is %80 less than constant air volume operation.



  • Single zone VAV, or single zone variable air volume, is an HVAC application in which the HVAC unit varies the airflow at constant temperature to provide space temperature control.
  • A constant volume HVAC unit supplies constant airflow with variable temperature to provide temperature control.

Benefits of VAV system

  • A single zone VAV system will operate at a lower fan speed than a constant volume system, resulting in less fan energy consumption.
  • With the modulation capabilities of both the fan and compressor a single zone VAV system can provide precise temperature control and additional passive dehumidification.
  • The modulation capabilities of the compressor reduce the amount of compressor on/off cycling, reducing wear on the compressor and providing greater energy savings than hot gas bypass systems.
  • Lower fan speeds reduce the amount of sound produced by the supply fan.
  • With the entire modulating control for part load operation provided within the HVAC unit, a single zone VAV system is simple to install, set up and maintain.
  • Electrical or naturel gas heating option
  • Heat-Pump
  • Hot water coil
  • Economizer
  • Exhaust fan
  • Patented rotary type heat exchanger reaching %83 efficiency
  • Dehumidification system with digital compressor control
  • The possibility of controling all the units by a system manager controller
  • Smoke detectors or firestats
  • Clogged filter alarm
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Air quality sensor
  • Return fan
  • Bacnet, Lon communication kit
  • Prism Software

The heat recovery units basically operate with the principle of adding energyto the fresh air that has been ventilated from the return air. In order toventilate a room using a heat recovery unit, when the cooled air is thrownout, the incoming fresh air is cooled in the summer operation. In winteroperation, when hot air is thrown out, fresh air is heated. Thus, energy savings of up to 83% are obtained.


Efficient and effective humidity control

With the help of optional reheat coil dehumidified and subcooled air coming through evaoperator coil is reheated up to conditioned space temparature and released to space.

Reheat coilis heated by hot gas coming from the compressor. since no external heat source is required the total humidifiying efficiency is superior to other competiors.