Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems

Open Circuit Type Cooling Towers PMM



Without Basin (PMM)
With or Without Lower Frame

  • Motor-fan (axial) group with gearbox reducer, low
    installed power, possibility of low noise levels, IP 56
    Siemens motors
  • Casing made of FRP sandwich panels, thickness 22
  • Metal frame in hot dip galvanized steel after
    fabrication (galvanization process in accordance
    with UNI EN ISO 1461-99 regulation, thickness not
    inferior to 80 micron)
  • Water distribution system in PVC, PP or PE
    equipped with non-clogging PP spray nozzles
  • Fill pack with different kinds of air􀀒water channels,
    suitable for the use with different water types
  • Certified PP drift eliminators (entrainment 0,01%)
  • Each unit is equipped with 2 big man-sized access
    doors for an easy access to the internal components
  • For every order a static and dynamic structural
    analysis is carried out, considering seismic factors
  • 19 mm (PVC or PP*) fill material for industrially
    clean water, with maximum temperatures of +55
    °C (PVC) and peaks up to +80 °C (PP)
  • GS-L (PVC also available for high temperatures)
    panels for dirty water, developed by MITA to
    provide maximum heat transfer by combining an
    effective splash effect to a film component
  • GS (PP) grids for very dirty water (suspended solids
    and colloids witha diameter <200/300 microns,
    concentration <1000 mg / l) and with a maximum
    peak temperature of +80 °C.