Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems

thermocold_logoAir To Water 6 Pipe Chillers



MA: Multifunctional air-cooled unit
LN / SL: Acoustic versions
PB / PM / PA: Hydronic versions

  • Ability to work in outdoor weather conditions
    down to -16°C
  • Heating and domestic hot power production
    up to 60°C
  • 6 pipes
  • Scroll compressor
  • 50-505 kW cooling capacity
  • 55-582 kW heating capacity
  • 63-665 kW total heat recovery

By it is possible to make domestic hot water+ cooling or heating at the same time. Domestic hot water is produced through an additional heat exchanger.

As the chillers perform the unit cooling operation, they also perform the heating operation in another place. Usually this waste heat is wasted and released to the environment. However, chillers can transfer waste heat to another place with partial or full heat recovery. The best example of this is obtaining domestic hot water. reversing the cycle in the evaporator and condenser





  • Simultaneous heating or cooling in different rooms in the same building
  • Comfort condition according to the outdoor temperature in buildings
    exposed to reverse light


Considering the unit is working for 20% only for cooling, 30% only for heating and 50% in cooling + heating mode.

The effective coeffivent measuring the unit performance during the whole year is the TEP (Total Efficiency Performance) The TEP indicator is an average index of efficiency on a yearly basis, which takes in account the efficency of each operating mode.

Usually multifunctional units have TEP value around 5. This means that per each kW of power input there isa useful capacity of 5 kW.

Heating and cooling needs vary according to the buildings on a daily, annual, weekly basis.