Mal Of İstanbul

About the project

AAON brand rooftop and Airwell brand water source heat pumps, distributed by Atlantik Group, were preferred in Mall of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest mixed-use project consisting of a shopping mall, residence and office, built by TORUNLAR GYO. The project, the mechanical design of which was carried out by Tanrıöver Mühendislik, is a candidate for the LEED green building award. Within the scope of the project, 1050 water source heat pumps were used, and one third of them are with free cooling modules. Due to the high indoor loads in shopping malls, cooling is needed for most of the year. In heat pump applications with free cooling module, when the temperature drops below 24 °C, the free cooling system is activated and cooling is done with outside air. The compressor, on the other hand, is activated when the cooling capacity is not enough. If the outside air temperature drops to 15 °C or below, the compressors are completely switched off and all cooling is done with free cooling.

In addition, 30 AAON rooftops with high energy efficiency air-cooled condensers, variable flow compressors, frequency inverter fans, rotary type heat recovery, and space pressure control were used in this project. The variable flow rate of the compressors reduces the compressor power consumption by 15-20% compared to the compressors running on/off. On the other hand, in case of variable flow rate of Rooftop fans, an average of 80% savings can be achieved from fan power consumption. On the other hand, with the rotary heat recovery system, which can also transfer moisture, a maximum of 83% of the waste energy can be recovered. With the space pressure control, the exhaust fan is activated when needed, and the uncontrolled entry of outside air into the space is prevented. In the Mall Of Istanbul project, which is a green building candidate, AAON rooftop and Atlantic heat pumps with high energy efficiency will contribute to obtaining additional LEED points.

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