Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems

Rooftop With Dehumidification System


(6,9 – 802 kW)

RM, RN and RL Series
Air Cooled or Water Cooled Condenser
%100 Fresh Air or Mix Air

  • High dehumidification capacity
  • Double wall cabinet and access door
  • Corrosion resistant, easily cleanable panel construction
  • Access doors with stainless steel
  • High efficiency TEFC motors
  • Polyurethane paint exceeds a 2500-hour salt spray test
  • Compressors are installed on antivibration mountings
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant charged
  • Stainless steel condensate drain pan
  • Hot gas reheat
  • Interior coating for corrosion protection
  • Polymer coated refrigerant heating & cooling coils
  • Hot water coil
  • Phase and brown-out protection
  • Patented rotary type heat exchanger with up to %83 efficiency
  • Power exhaust
  • Shut off valves for compressor