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Thermocold Multifunctional Chillers are in Turkish HVAC Market under the Assurance of Atlantik Grup.

ATLANTIK GRUP, which is the distributor of many well-established brands in the HVAC industry such as AAON (AMERICA), MITA (ITALY), WESPER (FRANCE), CENTURY (SOUTH KOREA), signed a distributorship agreement with THERMOCOLD, who is one of the leading chiller manufacturers in Italy

The THERMOCOLD brand, which has a wide product range such as multi-functional chillers (2-4-6 pipes) and heat pumps, has the EUROVENT certificate confirming the performance rating of all its models and carries out its production in SOUTH ITALY in accordance with ERP directives.


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Multifunctional chillers can precisely provide the load conditions required by the facility with scroll or inverter scroll compressor options. Using MULTI-SCROLL technology in all its compressors, THERMOCOLD achieves high energy efficiency values. This results in increased energy efficiency at partial loads optimizing ESEER and IPLV values and reducing electrical energy consumption according to actual needs.


As the chillers perform the cooling operation, they also perform the heating operation in another place. Usually this waste heat is wasted and released to the environment. However, multifunctional chillers can transfer waste heat to another place with partial or full heat recovery. The best example of this is to obtain domestic hot water, as long as the device cools, it can heat the water in a boiler free of charge.

With multi-functional chillers, cooling – heating (heat pump) and domestic water are obtained at the same time. Especially in industrial facilities, hotels and villas, the chiller tries to cool it in summer and winter. The heat, which is the waste of this cooling process, can also be used for domestic hot water or administrative building heating.

QUATTRO PROZONE EA series, one of the multi-functional chillers, can provide domestic hot water up to 60 °C and hot water for heating at the same time, till very low outdoor weather conditions in winter. In summer, cold water for cooling and free domestic hot water up to 60 °C are obtained at the same time.

On the other hand, DOMINO EXR and MEX EXR series with NORDIC KIT are offered as solutions when heat pump is required in industry and industrial projects at low outdoor temperatures and when high leaving water temperature is required. With Nordic kit, leaving water temperature of 55 C at -20 C outdoor temperature,

At -10 C, leaving water temperature up to 65 C is obtained. A higher condensing temperature and a lower evaporation temperature are provided.

In addition, air or water cooled chillers are produced between 5 and 750 kW cooling capacity.

As Atlantik Grup, our multi-functional Grup applications in TFF Riva Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities project and Piri Reis Universities projects have been successfully completed.