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ATLANTIK GRUP, which has been operating in the field of systems with high energy efficiency since the day it was founded, continues to increase its power in the Turkish and international central systems market with its sustainable quality and service understanding and with the aim of high customer satisfaction.

RN series rooftops produced in Tulsa by the world’s leading rooftop manufacturer, American AAON company, have high energy efficiency, working at high temperatures up to 55 C, humidity control, space pressure control, variable flow compressor, double-walled panel structure and 55 C outdoor without return air. It has been the choice of many international projects due to its 100% fresh air working properties up to ambient temperature.  Due to this feature, AAON rooftops are seen as an ideal solution for rooftop applications where return air should not be taken due to the risk of Covid-19.

MITA towers, which are manufactured in Italy, are produced from FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) material against corrosion in open and closed type towers; 22mm thick panel structure and 75 (μm) zinc coating on hot-dip galvanized. In this way, it achieves higher mechanical strength and low noise level even at large dimensions. The pool part is also made of high corrosion resistant FRP material, and its outer surface is covered with a gel coating that is resistant to hot and cold water and chemical abrasion. MITA, which uses an axial fan, which is directly coupled to the motor as a condenser fan, offers low electricity consumption and noise.

Atlantik Grup has included the MQHD model air source heat pump, which it has produced under the ATLANTIK brand, into its product range. The use of air source heat pumps, which has increased in recent years in individual applications such as villas, hotels, workplaces and residences offers the most suitable solution that can be preferred by the user for heating, cooling and domestic water. MQHD series air source heat pump can be connected directly to floor heating and fan-coil devices.


With its experience in sales-marketing and after-sales activities of Single-acting ARD-L2, ARD-L3 Series, Double-Action G2 series absorption Grup, TR series centrifugal compressor chiller devices manufactured by the South Korean CENTURY company in its production facilities in Seoul. ATLANTIK GRUP, which has been operating in the field of absorption Grup for many years, aims to further strengthen its experience in this field with CENTURY.

For detailed information about the companies and products of Atlantik Grup, you can check the website www.atlantikgup.com or call 0216 553 95 70 for all kinds of technical issues.