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Atlantik Group Was Preferred In Biogas Electricity Generation Facilities

Atlantic Group, which operates on efficient systems in the air conditioning sector, continues to show its difference in industrial areas with its low operating cost engineering solutions. Thermocold brand cooling groups,

Thermocold soğutma grupları

one of the leading cooling group manufacturers in Italy, of which Atlantic Group is the distributor, were used in biogas dehumidification systems in Biotrend’s biogas power generation facilities in Balıkesir, Malatya and Uşak.

The main purpose of the biogas cooling system is to take the water vapor in the biogas drawn from the landfill right next to the facility area through the heat exchanger. Biogas purified from water vapor is used for electricity generation. Cooling groups produce cold water at 5/10 C regime for this dehumidification process.

Thermocold chillers are Eurovent certified and are produced in Italy in accordance with ERP directives.

Thermocold soğutma gruplarındaLow electricity consumption is a very important criterion for such facilities that produce electricity from biogas. With high seasonal efficiency (SEER) values ​​of Thermocold chillers, they provide energy economy in the facilities where they are used.

On the other hand, it is extremely important that the production process is not interrupted in industrial facilities.

There are multiple scroll compressors in Thermocold chillers. Since other compressors will continue to operate in case of any compressor failure, there is no need for chiller backup.

Atlantic Group, which attaches importance to engineering solutions, provides commissioning services in the field with its expert service team. After the service teams make sure that the installation is done correctly, they activate the device and then to educate the user.

Atlantic Group, which makes great efforts to use nature-friendly systems in the HVAC sector, continues on its way with this philosophy in industrial cooling systems.